A solution for Teksavvy modem connection drops in FreshTomato

A family member has struggled in past months with an issue where their Teksavvy cable modem’s WAN connection will drop irregularly (usually overnight), cutting their network off from the Internet and necessitating a power-cycle of the connected router. Neither the cable modem or the router appear to be overheating, crashing, or freezing at the time […]

TLS 1.0 and Discord Woes

I recently ran into an issue running the Discord VoIP/chat application (version 0.0.308) after completing some security hardening on one of my Windows 10 PCs. On startup, the Discord client first checks for updates, then automatically downloads and installs them where necessary before launching the application. While this process had previously worked flawlessly, I suddenly […]

fwupd, LVFS, Firmware Updates, and Your Linux System

Though the security and performance benefits of regular software updates are well-understood by most users, many IT departments and home users have traditionally treated the application of firmware updates as a reactive measure instead of a best practice. Unfortunately, this failure to maintain BIOS/UEFI firmware can result in compatibility issues when new hardware components are […]